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Protect Your Crypto by Establishing Title

TransitNet is on a mission to create the first offchain title registry for cryptocurrency.


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Security is still a barrier to wide scale adoption of cryptocurrency. After all, whoever holds the private key to crypto assets is considered the owner, making it extremely difficult to demonstrate proof of ownership should a private key be lost or stolen.

If the ecosystem is going to realize its potential, infrastructure is needed to ensure compliance and support mass adoption.

At TransitNet, we’ve set out to create the first offchain title registry of record for digital wallets, in order to create an additional layer of protection and record-keeping for cryptocurrency assets. We are building a comprehensive platform to empower individuals and businesses with the option to create a record of title for their crypto.

Who Does TransitNet Help?

Institutional Investors

Fund Administrators

Crypto Exchange




First of Its Kind Benefits

Strong passwords, mobile authenticator apps, vaults, and other security measures still do not provide 100% protection against theft or compromise.

TransitNet provides tools to verify the rightful ownership of cryptographic assets. With a third-party registry, individual owners can better protect the contents of their crypto wallet because their assets are recorded in a registry.

With the title to crypto assets, investors can also show proof of collateral or reserve when engaging in transactions or leveraging other services.

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Innovation Awaits

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TransitNet LLC provides tools to assist with title
verification for cryptocurrency.

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