TransitNet’s Beta Product is Here!

The big day has finally arrived — today is the day we release our beta! 🎉

Thanks to alpha user feedback, we’ve already rolled out a number of enhancements. Now our beta version allows the documentation of ownership of crypto wallet addresses, making it safer to transact with crypto and hold it in self-hosted wallets.

With TransitNet’s first-of-its-kind software, not only can users document ownership of crypto wallet addresses, but they can also securely share that information with other parties.

Here are some examples of how TransitNet’s title records can benefit users:

  • Prevent scams and losses from wrong transactions by verifying the identities of the parties involved before sending or receiving crypto;
  • Mitigate the risk of lost crypto with proof of ownership records that can be provided to authorities in case of theft or disputed payments;
  • Monitor wallet addresses 24/7 to detect any movements of crypto in or out of a user’s verified wallet;
  • Allow crypto to serve as collateral or proof of reserve without being locked up, facilitating crypto’s use in a greater range of financial activities; and
  • Demonstrate seamlessly all the accounts and wallets that are owned by an individual or business, a valuable development for industries such as auditing and insurance.

Our product is chain-agnostic, allowing users to establish titles to a variety of addresses on different blockchains and pull those records together in one place. We’re at the forefront of changing the crypto landscape by building the keystones crypto needs for Web3. 🤩

Access to our beta is currently available on an invitation-only basis.

Want to get on the invite list? ✉️ Go to our homepage and drop your email in the “Join Now” box.